Sharptooth Fork

Sharptooth Fork

The Ultimate Digging Tool Only £70.00



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Item Specifics

Prong Length 9.5 inches
Shaft Tubular Steel
Height 40 inches
Weight 4.2 Kilograms





The Sharptooth is no light weight mass produced garden fork. It's a bespoke digging tool suitable for breaking most surfaces including concrete, stone, tarmac chalk and cinder, however its particular strength lies in destroying hard packed shale and hardcore.

Individually milled from hardened high tensile steel the 9.5" prongs are supported by a tubular steel shaft giving an overall height of 40” and weight of 4.2kg.

Once you hold it you're ready to work!


Caution must be exercised when using the Sharptooth as careless use can cause injury. This is no toy.


Design Registration No. 4022979


  • We ship to UK and Ireland
  • P&P £15 per Sharptooth
  • Please allow 14 days for delivery.


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